A Talk with Lucy Pink — How Innovative Entrepreneurs Are Changing the Way We Live

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3 min readApr 13, 2022


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We sat down with recent Golden Ticket winner and entrepreneur Lucy Pink to talk about the ethical shopping company she founded, OnYou. Here’s what we learned about her journey in entrepreneurship, and what she learned over the process of creating her company.

What is OnYou?

OnYou is an app that makes shopping for ethical fashion easy and convenient. The few brands that prioritise the well-being of their workers are hard to find, especially as fast-fashion and big name brands storm the market. OnYou helps you do your part in supporting the ethical fashion industry by leading you directly to the brands that specialise in it!

Lucy Pink, the creator of OnYou, cares about ways technology can please both her customers and brand partners. The development of this company was fueled heavily by feedback from customers and users, who want to more easily find brands like these to shop from. By keeping constant communication with these people, Lucy designed a site that scans and taps into the inventory of hundreds of online retailers to find the special few that support their garment workers best. She looked at search technology used by brands like Spotify and the user experiences developed by them to make OnYou an app that provides each customer with a highly personalised shopping experience.

How does OnYou know what brands are ethical?

The brands you can shop from on OnYou are held to a high standard regarding their service and labour policies. These standards are defined by six pillars:

‍1. Payment of living wage.

2. Reasonable hours of work.

3. Pro-unionisation.

4. Non discriminatory.

5. Safe working environments.

6. No child labour.

What are some tips for entrepreneurs who want to produce sites like this?

When you’re truly passionate about something, you’ll find like-minded people around you willing to help you fulfill your cause and use technology for the betterment of the world. As an entrepreneur, Lucy believes the most important thing one can do while starting to develop their business is to actively communicate with potential customers/users. She encourages starting conversations and even making friends with potential users to most effectively build the perfect customer experience. Working in collaboration with other entrepreneurs and founders can also greatly improve the quality of your site and the effectiveness of its purpose. There’s a lot that one can learn from watching fellow entrepreneurs do what they do best.

Written by Aya Shmeltzer.

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